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Droid Life reports that the update comes with a version number OPW28.2 for both variants. It includes bug fixes, improvements, Android 8.1 Oreo UI tweaks, and the May security patch as well. If you haven’t received a notification, check for the update manually by heading into Settings>System>System updates.

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The driving experience does feel more comfortable to me compared to the JK. You don’t give up a bit of capability, but piloting the new one over suburban streets is less abrasive. Steering remains light on center, but it’s more connected. Nvidia Shield was introduced in 2014 globally as a portable gaming device, but has seen limited success. It similar to a tablet, but is capable of better graphics and can be connected to a TV and played with a controller. That roughly same idea behind Nintendo Switch, which also combines home and portable gaming.

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Cherie Copithorne Barnes, a fourth generation rancher outside of Calgary, gets frustrated when she sees headlines urging people to save the Earth by eating less meat. According to federal government calculations, eight per cent of Canada total greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to crop and livestock production. However, that is less than oil and gas (25 per cent) and transportation (23 per cent)..

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