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Pogba scored the opener in the Reds’ 2 1 Premier League win against Brighton on Saturday afternoon after converting from the spot on 27 minutes.Marcus Rashford sealed the points on the stroke of half time with a goal of the season contender, despite Brighton’s 72nd minute reply through Pascal Gro Pogba has scored four penalties this season and showcased his eye catching technique for each of them, with the World Cup winner running up to the ball at a snail’s pace in a bid to dupe the opposing goalkeeper.The 25 year old’s effort against Brighton his fifth goal under caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saw him take 12 steps before slotting home.And Young, who featured at right back against the Seaguls, let Pogba have it on Instagram with a hilarious post.”Yep. He’s doing that run up again,” the 33 year old captioned a picture of him and Rashford watching on as Pogba scored.Solskjaer said after the game that he had no issue with Pogba’s unorthodox run up, after overseeing the Reds’ seventh win from seven games under his tutelage.”He scores them so that’s what matters,” Solskjaer laughed. „I wouldn’t have done it I would have just ran to the ball and smashed it but he kept his calm having had to wait two minutes to take it and that shows how composed he is.

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