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cheap replica handbags Blagojevich is expected to appeal his conviction, but it is unlikely to affect when he reports to prison.\n\n \n\n\n\nGoing into the sentencing, many legal experts said the governor\n\nwho became a national punch line while doing several reality TV appearances while his legal case unfolded was likely to get around 10 years. A former Blagojevich fundraiser, Tony Rezko, recently was sentenced to 10 1\/2 years, minus time served, and many were confident the governor would get more.\n\n \n\n\n\nProsecutors have said Blagojevich misused the power of his office \”from the very moment he became governor.\” He was initially elected in 2002 on a platform of cleaning up Illinois politics in the midst of federal investigations that led to the prosecution and conviction of Ryan.\n\n\n\n\n\n\”Blagojevich engaged in extensive criminal conduct with and without Rezko, provided no cooperation, perjured himself for seven days on the witness stand, and has accepted no responsibility for his criminal conduct,\” prosecutors said. And they said Blagojevich, who campaigned as a reformer, was \”acutely aware of the damage\” Ryan had created.\n\n\n\n\n\nDefense attorneys have said he has already paid a price in public ridicule and replica designer backpacks financial ruin, and propose a term of just a few years.\n\n\n\n\n\nBlagojevich\u0027s sentencing came just days before his 55th birthday on Saturday, and nearly three years to the day of his arrest at dawn on Dec cheap replica handbags.